We offer a range of products and servides to suit all needs from simple monitoring to tracking multiple devices in locations across the world, from installation and configuration of a single unit to upgrading your entire BMS system with our own cloud based software. We have these capabilities.

So whether you want to ensure that your workforce is based in the optimum conditions to ensure productivity, whether you want to ensure that the children in your classrooms are able to concentrate properly or whether you are applying for 3rd party building certification – we are here to provide the solution to your IAQ monitoring and management requirements and to affect positive change within your environment.


With seven environmental sensors, an intuitive online platform, and a customizable API interface, Awair Omni offers everything you need to transform building health and sustainability.

Airthings ‘View Plus’ for business

The most comprehensive indoor air quality monitor in the Airthings for Business solution, including PM, Noise and more. Giving you even more control over your space. Easily create healthy, productive and energy-efficient indoor environments.


Sensedge Commercial Air Quality Monitor/
Breathe smart. Save costs. Increase productivity.


Awair Element tracks five air quality factors that can impact your health, comfort, and productivity.

Wave Plus for business

Create healthier and more productive indoor environments by monitoring what’s in the air you breathe with Wave Plus for Business.

Sensedge Mini

Sensedge Mini Commercial Air Quality Monitor.
Smart IAQ monitor, now with a minimal design.

The difference between our company and others is that we can integrate indoor air quality sensors with our building management system.

So whether you want a stand alone indoor air quality monitor to project onto the tv in your reception area to show that the air being circulated in your office is clean – or whether you wanted an integrated package where we can remotely monitor your buildings environmental factors and automate your systems to make adjustments – that is up to you. The capabilities are there.